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Tired? Uptight? Tense? Built up tension? Let me help you out. People get bodywork for a variety of reasons and all of them are valid. There are numerous bodywork modalities available for all types of needs and individuals. No two therapists offer the exact same type of bodywork. It is wise to check around and try out a few bodyworkers until you find one that fits your needs and someone with whom you are comfortable. Then set up a regular schedule with them. There are countless benefits achieved from a regular bodywork schedule. It is much like a tune up for the body to prevent many aches and illnesses.  Because of the differing styles and levels of comfort, what you experience during one of my sessions is not necessarily something that can be expected from another therapist, and the opposite is true too. 
My style is Swedish based (meaning long gliding strokes) with kneading of the sore aching muscles to relieve the built up tension. I usually use a medium to firm pressure, varied to your preference of touch. I check with you during the session to see if the pressure and touch is appropriate. Most of the bodywork sessions I perform are full-body, manipulating and caressing you from head to toe, giving you a relaxing, sensual all over good feeling. I mix tantric (relating to balancing your body's energy) and other modalities in the session as needed and desired.
My bodywork sessions are given in your setting of choice that promotes a secure, safe, and confidential environment. I use a very comfortable massage table, clean linens and soothing music to enhance the relaxing mood. I use an massage lotion (bon Vital) that is compatible with most skin types and is non-allergenic as well as hot towels on the back. It is important to drink water after your bodywork experience to replenish thirsty cells. I appreciate a client with a good clean personal hygiene, so feel free to ask to take a shower before the bodywork session.
Some clients prefer no conversation during the session, while others feel that it helps them to open up and discuss issues in their lives. All conversations and identities are held in strict confidence. There is more to a good Body Renewal Session than just rubbing sore muscles. I normally use a drape, but if you feel more comfortable without a sheet covering your mid-section, please let me know and I'll be happy to accommodate. Most clients prefer to be draped  and that is my preference too, but your comfort level is what is most important. If you are comfortable with nudity, the session flows much more smoothly without having to rearrange the sheet drape.  Body contact is a healing experience in a safe environment. It feels good to both touch and to be touched. YOUR relaxation is my top priority. 
Our health is very important to us. Bodywork promotes not only a physical well being, but an emotional one as well. A good balance of diet, rest, exercise, interpersonal interaction, etc. is important to feeling good.